Who seo dal mi choose?

With mixed feelings about the acquisition, the lies he had been told and his own future, Dal Mi decided to end things with Do San. Start-Up aired its final episode over the weekend. While fans were prepared for Seo Dal Mi to choose Nam Do San over Han Ji Pyeong, the last few episodes didn't do the characters justice. When Start-Up ended, fans were disappointed by Han Ji Pyeong's fate.

Played by Kim Seon Ho, the character had a better chance of ending up with Suzy's Seo Dal Mi. However, the character ended up with Nam Do San by Nam Joo Hyuk. While this led to a divide between the show's fandom, Kim Seon Ho reveals that he's not disappointed with the ending. The actor, in an interview with Star News through Soompi, confessed that Han Ji Pyeong and Seo Dal Mi were not meant for each other.

Both Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyeong are known to like Seo Dal Mi in different ways. In episode 16, Nam Do San is told to propose to Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy) and live a happy life. On the other hand, Han Ji Pyeong decided to invest in a company that houses orphans. Viewers also suspect that the Start-Up story actually focuses on Han Ji Pyeong and Seo Dal Mi's grandmother, Choi Won Deok (Kim Hae Sook).

From the beginning, the interaction between Han Ji Pyeong and Seo Dal Mi's grandmother, which has existed since the young Han Ji Pyeong, has developed an interesting story. To be honest, I was confused when I looked up Start-Up after watching the first episode and realized the painfully obvious fact that Seo Dal-mi and Nam Do-san were going to be the end of the game. It highlights the problems faced by privileged young people, foreshadows the same problems that people who don't have the same privilege have, and the brilliant parallel is drawn with Seo Dal-mi and his sister Won In-jae. The actor also shared that while Han Ji Pyeong is a fictional character, approximately 50 percent of the character's traits match Kim Seon Ho's real-life personality.

With passing references to Ji Pyeong spending his vacation at Dal Mi's house hinted at the family's growing bond, I wondered if ideas about Ji Pyeong's attraction had led Dal Mi to change her behavior toward him. Speaking of the series as a whole, Do-san as a character was less developed than the second protagonist of the series Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho). The more time In-jae spends with Dal-mi, it makes him realize how much he enjoyed being part of the family, so he decides to return to them officially as Seo In-jae. Currently, Kim Seon Ho and Han Ji Pyeong are in Naver's top 10 and Kim Seon Ho's Instagram followers have increased dramatically to three million followers.

In addition to praising the character of Han Ji Pyeong, netizens also appreciated Kim Seon Ho's successful performance by making viewers excited. The actor confesses that he's not disappointed that Han Ji Pyeong doesn't end up with Suzy's Seo Dal Mi on the show. Without a doubt, Seo Dal-mi will choose Nam Do-san in the end, but perhaps if she opened her eyes, she would see that maybe he is not the best fit for her. Debates among netizens about the two male protagonists, Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) are also increasing.