Who killed seo byung ju?

Professor Yang asks Lee Man-ho why he killed Professor Seo Lee Man-ho gives him a methamphetamine injection to kill him with an overdose, but Yang says it won't look like suicide to buy time. But when he's about to inject it, he gets a call and Professor Yang shouts: “He's not at home and he kicks him. Professor Yang learns that Ki Du-seong stabbed him and alleged self-defense. He's the same man who stabbed Professor Yang.

However, Kang also noticed the drugs on the table and was the one who apparently put them inside Seo's cafe. As Kang sits opposite Yang, he confirms that it was he who killed Professor Seo. Did Kang really kill Byung-Ju? Or is it another deception? We'll have to wait and see, of course, but it could be that he's covering up for Sol-B. However, there are still many episodes ahead and, without a doubt, a lot to unravel here as well.

Han Joon Hwi is the nephew of Seo Byung Joo, the murdered teacher. As a law student at the school where his uncle and Jong Hoon teach, he is quickly caught in the middle of the case and even allows enough suspicion to become a suspect right from the start. As a star student who never believes Joon Hoon is guilty, Joon Hwi tests all his skills and connections as he works with his classmates to discover the truth. He tells her that he doesn't think anyone else is in the car and asks the prosecutor to accept Ki du-seong's self-defense allegation and give the public what they want.

Last week was the highlight of the series, but now that the focus is once again on the murder of Seo Byung-ju and the corruption network of Assemblyman Go, I don't think I'm interested. After confirming that the evidence in the murder case of Seo Byung-ju (guide) was in the hands of Yang Jong-hoon, Lee Man-ho began to become aware of danger and to flee in his search for the truth, which gradually made him more stringent. Prosecutor Jin shows up at the hospital, and Professor Yang wonders why Lee Man-ho called him before his altercation with Ki Du-seong. He asks the prosecutor to investigate thoroughly and not to play with him.

He believes that Ki Du-seong was ordered to kill Lee Man-ho. All people labeled as being involved in Seo Byung-ju's death will be found not guilty after the close of each weekly episode. Wanting the truth of the matter, Sol-B backs up her mother's claims, admitting that she didn't know that Seo had taken the exams. Before the assassination of Seo Byung-ju, Professor Yang posed a question about the article by Kang Sol B, which the first deduced had copied Professor Seo's Harvard article.

Professor Kang's wife, who can't overcome her husband's failure to become a family judge, argues that it was prosecutor Seo who took her son's high school newspaper. Both recognized that they didn't ask the right question, to begin with, they weren't involved in Seo Byung-ju's death. The production team said that the real case of Seo Byung-ju Murder, which was the prelude to the campus mystery, was finally clarified. Han Joon-hwi tells Professor Yang that he doesn't think Lee Man-ho misbehaved and attacked Ki Du-seong because he wanted to see his son; he also believes that someone asked Lee Man-ho to kill Professor Seo and believes that he is related to his son.

After all, for Ye-seul to win the case is not the end of the story, but that of Professor Seo, and defeating Assemblyman Go must be the ultimate goal. However, in Seo's office, during another flashback, Hye-Gyeong admits that it was she who convinced Sol-B to copy the document. He wonders if he knew he was looking for his son and explains that there was a passenger in Professor Seo's car the night of the hit and run. The following in the game Who Killed Seo-byung-ju appears in Seung-jae and Ji-ho (David Lee) and I love the witty storytelling in this series.