Is ye-seul found guilty?

Ye-Seul is found not guilty and they agree with her self-defense decision. This is all due to the Sol-A demonstration, which demonstrates that kicking Yeong-Chang could originally have been interpreted as looking for a knife. You have to prove to the jury that you acted in self-defense. However, Ye-seul doesn't want to accuse her boyfriend of abuse.

He feels guilty that he is now bedridden, and also tells Jong-hoon that it is punishment enough for everything he did to him in the past. Of course, Jong-hoon doesn't agree, but for now she agrees to use the proof that she has to prove her innocence and not attack her boyfriend, who blackmailed her with a video he recorded without her knowing using a spy camera in his room. Episode 9 of Law School begins with Yeong-Chang falling to the ground and Ye-Seul panics. However, Professor Yang, Kang Sol A and Joon-Hwi arrive there on time.

Professor Yang sends Yeong-Chang to the hospital. Joon-Hwi takes Ye-Seul to receive treatment when she falls. On the other hand, Kang Sol A arrives at his room to gather evidence that Ye-Seul was not trying to escape. At the hospital, Assemblyman Ko is very angry and wants to send Ye-Seul to jail immediately.

However, he was unable to do so because of the interventions of Joon-Hwi and Professor Yang. Eventually, Hyeong-su is found guilty and sentenced to prison. We also discovered that Joon-hwi is now working as a prosecutor. The two meet Jong-hoon at university, and the drama ends with the trio walking coldly through the law school lobby.

The two are close and have some intimate moments that caused a lot of people to send “Solhwi”.