Is seo in guk still in jellyfish?

Singer-actor Seo In Guk is officially leaving his first agency, Jellyfish Entertainment. A Jellyfish Entertainment source stated on August 4 that Seo In Guk's contract had expired with the agency, and said that after much consideration, Seo In Guk will not renew his contract. A few days after reports that Seo In Guk left Jellyfish Entertainment, it was announced that he had found a new home. It has been revealed that Seo In Guk did not renew his contract with Jellyfish, but instead signed with BS Company.

According to recent multimedia officials, he spoke to BS Company several times after the exclusive contract with Jellyfish Entertainment expired. BS Company is currently home to Han Chae Young, Lee Ji Hyun, Kim Sung Chul, Kim Seok Kyung, Go Jun and former 4minute member Heo Gayoon. When it was announced that Seo In Guk's contract with Jellyfish was about to end and that he had become a free agent, many fans wondered about his future. Based on his uploaded photos and his activities before the army, Seo In-guk was ready to take a break from the country's tasks.

However, it still needs to undergo a deeper examination, Seo In-guk's agency representative said, Soompi reported. Seo In Guk commented on his move: “I'm going to show my best side in the future with my new agency. Reporting from Biz Enter, Jellyfish Entertainment staff revealed that Seo In-guk will serve his country by joining the 5th Division of the Recruiting Training Battalion located in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. More than just a talented actor, Seo In-guk is a professional singer-songwriter with a voice that can easily make your heart beat.

During an interview with the platoon leader, Seo In-guk was asked about his state of health. While studying Applied Music at Daebul University, Seo auditioned for several record agencies such as JYP Entertainment and DSP Media, but was unsuccessful. Several successful dramas such as Shopping King Louis and Task Force 38, as well as the songs “Season of the Heart” and “Bebe”, worked in the hope that Heartrider, the name of Seo In-guk's fandom, wouldn't feel too lost when his idol left him in the military for more than 2 years. Seo In-guk wrote a letter about his disappointment and an apology for not being able to participate in military service.

Media Osen reported that Seo In-guk already knew his medical history and could be inventing an excuse to be released from the military. They added: “Seo In-guk completed a new exam on June 5 at the Physical Inspection Center of the Military Employment Management Center. Seo In-guk's agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, released an official statement on the results of the artist's latest health check.