Is seo in guk in any kpop group?

Seo In Guk () is a South Korean singer and actor from BS Company. He won the first season of M. Seo was born on October 23, 1987 in Ulsan. He decided to become a singer at the age of ten, after taking inspiration from Korean rock musician Kim Jung-min.

He performed at family reunions and school events, and later studied Applied Music at Daebul University, and also auditioned at entertainment agencies. After being repeatedly rejected and told to lose weight, he struggled with bulimia for a while. Answer 1994 as Yoon Yoon-jae (cameo, episodes 16-17, 2) The King's Face as Prince Gwanghae Oh My Ghostess as Edward (cameo), episode 1 She Was Pretty as a cameo, episode 9 I Love That Crazy Little Thing as a cameo with laughter or with tears (201) Gwanghwamun Love Song as Hyun-woo Achievements (awards and nominations) Best Award couple with Jung Eun-ji among the 10 best style icons with the Excellence Award from Jung Eun-ji, actor in a dramatic medium-length film of excellence, actor in a miniseries. From being an adorable, chubby contestant on Superstar K and its first winner, to becoming an idol and actor in the hit drama Answer Me 1997, the star of Seo In-guk is constantly rising.

The more Seo In-guk diversifies as an idol, the more I realize that K-pop could have another triple threat on its hands. I think triple threats in K-pop are extremely rare. Not to be confused with an expert in all trades, who has relative knowledge of a variety of things, a triple threat is someone who excels in three and sometimes more subject areas. Commonly associated with entertainment and the ability to act, sing and dance, for K-pop, the three main subject areas to be considered a triple threat would have to be acting, singing and variety.

In an industry that is loaded with mediocre talent in exchange for a pretty face, Seo In-guk is slowly becoming a shortlist of idols and artists who basically have everything, and then some. Although it remains to be decided that Seo In-guk has the mandatory “third skill”, variety, to be a triple threat of K-pop, his interviews and cameos on variety shows show glimpses of an adorable and fun personality, and he's getting faster as his appearances increase. I think his ability to play that role so easily during Answer Me (1997) will help improve and develop his ability for variety, but I have no doubt that natural talent is there. But does having and excelling in multiple talents really matter in K-pop? It seems that many people who excel in a variety of trades in Korean entertainment seem to be ignored by those who excel in a specific craft.

This could be because it is very difficult. Although it is interesting that he has done his next project, a simple weekend drama, which has an extensive series of 50 episodes as a follow-up, Seo In-guk is playing his cards well for the moment by choosing to star in a discreet drama to perfect his craft as if instead of taking the first step in a much more serious project big. However, the current weekend drama, Rascal Sons, doesn't seem to please the public as much or as well-written as his previous project, although Seo In-guk plays his role well, with little to do. There are very few subs of the drama, so it's definitely not popular with international fans, as was Answer Me 1997, and there doesn't seem to be much expectation on the Korean front either, despite having veteran actors working on the series.

Will this follow-up make the Seo In-guk star fade away? It's hard to say that the entertainment market, whether cinematic or musical, is extremely fickle and the star can rise and fall rapidly depending on whether the star's next project is as popular as the previous one. But Seo In-guk doesn't seem to be to blame for the drama's weakness so far, and he's lucky to have a supporting role, so it's more of an opportunity to hone his acting talent without taking the brunt of the lack of expectation and low ratings. So I don't think Rascal Sons will affect his career as much, but his tertiary role will be much more decisive for his acting career. What if, let's say, his acting career fails? He has to resort to his singing, but will it only return to irrelevance? It's possible, unless you achieve that great success.

But he may have to change the style of music he currently performs to achieve that success and not perform a song that matches what he is capable of. But I think he has the acting skills to forge a successful career, as long as he makes the right decisions. Even though it's not becoming increasingly popular, I think that where Seo In-guk is right now is a perfect springboard for an even more successful career. However, just because your career is successful doesn't mean that you do the best of dramas (see Lee Min-ho) or that the best of dramas has made you popular (watch Lee Min-ho again).

It was an all-out effort for the cast, and the drama has definitely boosted the careers of everyone involved. Seo In-guk is definitely getting a lot of coverage and publicity, but Answer Me 1997 didn't do his own all-star session at extraordinary heights, and any coverage presented to him seems to revolve around Answer me 1997, and not for his own good. Whatever happens, Seo In-guk will definitely be one of my favorites, after Answer Me 1997 and maybe beyond, and hopefully also for Korea. This talented actor was born on October 23, 1987 in Ulsan, South Korea.

Although he didn't change his physique much for his last film, he lost about 11 pounds for his role as Myul Mang in Doom At Your Service (2020). Because he plays a unique character, he experimented with dyeing his hair with unusual hair colors to further improve his performance. However, this is not the first time that this actor has undergone a drastic change in weight for a role. In preparation for No Breathing (201) and The Master's Sun (201), In Guk lost more than 20 pounds, as those functions required him to be in good physical shape.

However, keep in mind that you didn't lose so much at once. Thanks to his own discipline, he was able to constantly control his weight through exercise and also followed a strict six-month diet. While studying Applied Music at Daebul University, Seo auditioned for several record agencies, such as JYP Entertainment and DSP Media, but without success. Seo In-guk's career got the boost it needed with Answer Me 1997, but it wasn't a single star show.

Constantly rejected for being too fat and having to suffer from bulimia in order to perform and be accepted in the industry, Seo In-guk was finally able to demonstrate his vocal talent after winning the Superstar K. Many fans seem to be disappointed by how different Seo In-guk's character is from Yoon Yoon-jae, so this reveals how much the current star depends on Seo In-guk from Answer Me 1997.It's surprising that a television show was needed for K-pop to have a voice like Seo In-guk. With that in mind, Seo In-guk should have used the acquired star power to move on to another project in order to demonstrate his own abilities and still please the public. .