Does redesigning website hurt seo?

Changing just the topic won't affect your ranking on Google, as long as you keep the content and titles of the page the same. SEO can affect the redesign of a website in two ways. Excluding SEO from the redesign of a site can result in a loss of both traffic and sales. However, including SEO in the redesign of a website can lead to increases in traffic and sales.

Since SEO optimizes your site for both people and search engines, it helps future customers find you through Google, Bing and other search engines. Whether you're new to website redesign SEO or you're a seasoned veteran who just wants to make sure you've checked all the boxes, this eight-step website redesign SEO strategy is for you. It's essential that you evaluate the site's performance before redesigning it in order to determine if the changes you've implemented are causing a drop in your ranking and traffic, or if it could be an unrelated problem, such as a hack of your site or a change in a search engine's algorithm. If you've been lazing around in the past, redesigning a website can be a great opportunity to focus on creating metadata that is more search engine-friendly.

If you want to avoid this result, retaining your SEO and organic traffic should be an important consideration when redesigning any website. Changes in the information architecture, the site map and the general content plan in the redesign can affect SEO and ensure that all project members understand how important it is. If your URLs have changed, the new XML sitemap will have a new structure and this will help search engines index your redesigned website faster and avoid unpleasant surprises with your rankings. It's always a challenge to move from your original website to a completely new, redesigned version, without this having any effect on your SEO efforts.

To maintain your SEO while redesigning a website, it's important that you make design changes to a temporary site (sometimes referred to as a “development site” or “test site”). The following SEO checklist for site redesign will help you navigate the redesign process without losing your hard-earned rankings on major search engines. A redesign that completely forgets SEO, such as launching your redesigned site without redirects, can cost your company a significant amount of money in lost traffic, leads and sales. Before you get scared of how a new website will affect your SEO, it's important to understand the two basic types of site redesign.

Whether you need help with your SEO, want to redesign your website, or both, Anchor Digital, a Brisbane-based marketing agency, is here to set you up for success. For example, updating brand color schemes and the spacing between HTML elements using CSS generally won't introduce new SEO issues that harm your performance. To support you and your SEO strategy during the redesign of your website, Anchor Digital has put together a checklist of what you can do to keep your SEO strategy afloat.